Hortus Nubium

A Garden of Collaboration


SPRINGTIME is the first work in an expanding series, created in collaboration between Finn Borath & Laila Claessen. A positive side effect of being locked up together in a tiny student dorm.

Springtime voor photosohop

This 12 hours during video loop functions as a real clock. Take some time, and watch it pass by. Instant eternity in the blink of an eye.

April 2020, a forced standstill has made us think a lot about time. We used to live our lives according to this so called ‘clock time’. A time where all minutes last just as long. During the time we came up with the idea for ‘SPRINGTIME’ we where left to a completely different time, that is ‘psychological time’. In this time minutes can feel like hours, hours like ages, split-second can easily be mistaken for eternities, and waiting substitutes our being. The most everlasting minute, is the minute you spend spend watching the red pointer going round on the clock. This artificial waiting for everything to just pass by, has inspired us to create the work SPRINGTIME.

SPRINGTIME is on view at Musea Forum from November 9th until December 7th thanks to Gemeente Maastricht. More info: https://www.gemeentemaastricht.nl/stad/actueel/nieuws/videokunst-vanuit-het-gemeentekantoor