Hortus Nubium

A Garden of Collaboration


ON ROUTE is the fourth work in an expanding series, created in collaboration between Finn Borath & Laila Claessen. A positive side effect of being locked up together in a tiny student dorm.

June 2020, strange invisible forces have turned what used to be a sweet summer breeze, into a bleak muggy wind that blew over our lives like a hurricane. The roosters on top of our houses that used to help us to indicate wind directions, got so dizzy from spinning round in circles, they just fell of of our roofs. We where lost in crazy times. Not knowing where the world was going, or which way to go ourselves…We where forced to walk a different path. One day, we took that path and went for a walk, wisely staying on the right of course. It has made us to realize some stuff… We stare ourselves blind on the paths we mark out for ourselves, heads down, compulsively searching for… not even knowing what actually. What would happen, if we would dare to walk on a different path for a while? Could it be possible to find things we didn’t even know we where looking for? This thought has inspired us to create the work ON ROUTE. To remind us, next time, when giant red pyramids are appearing in our lives, we where probably (unconsciously) searching for them.


We made postcards from photographs of this work. They are available for purchase at TRADERS POP, Heggenstraat 16, 6211 GW Maastricht. Nice to send a friend, you know, ‘connecting right’.