Hortus Nubium

A Garden of Collaboration


WISHING WELL is the third work in an expending series, created in collaboration between Finn Borath & Laila Claessen. A positive side effect of being locked up together in a tiny student dorm.

WISHING WELL is a screensaver created for your computer! Here you can watch a preview. The full version is available in our donation based shop. Visit the shop to order your copy.

May 2020, This forced stand still has obliged us to take a break from the lives we used to live before the world decided to turn sunny side down. Caught up in just our own little lifetime, and the limited space of our own body, we were kind of trapped. Nowhere to go but inwards. Diving deeper and deeper into our darkest waters. It might get repetitive, but again, its all about connecting right? Conversations with the Self. A time to reflect. But to be honest, reflecting gets a little boring when all you see reflected is your own frowny face. Boring, when the only one you meet is yourself! Over and over again. When you find out the only living creature in this deep dark water, is your own fishy smelling ego endlessly swimming circles. But, one day… we went for a walk, and had a real special encounter. We discovered parts of ourselves we did not know before… Desires.
These desires inspired us to create the work ‘WISHING WELL’. Just be warned when you go out reflecting out loud near waters like this, they can be deep.

The full video is available as screensaver for your computer. Also, we made postcards from stills of the video. They are available for purchase at TRADERS POP, Heggenstraat 16, 6211 GW Maastricht. Nice to send a friend, you know, ‘connecting right’.