Hortus Nubium

A Garden of Collaboration


Hortus Nubium; A garden build on clouds. Thought clouds to be more precise. Clouds that float around in a communal headspace. The garden is grown by Finn Borath and Laila Claessen, an artist couple established in the Netherlands. Hortus Nubium is a garden of creative collaboration!

Finn Borath is a Dutch performance- and video artist. His work combines nature science and philosophical concepts. Inspired by the immense freedom of audiovisual media, he challenges himself to find ways to bypass the laws of nature and create his own digital universe. Working a lot around themes like death, and the endless search for things that can never be found, he creates seemingly bleak and chilly work, with an undeniable highly sensitive and emotional content.

Laila Claessen is a Dutch performer and artist working in the fields of theatre, film and installation. In her work she searches for honesty and uses of her fantasy as a tangible material. Her fantasy merges with her self-consciousness to become a cute, scary and most of all a disarming mash-up that makes her work recognisable and relatable.

For the realisation of the works we would like to thank: Peter Missotten (Research Group technology Driven Art Zuyd), Ron Bernstein, Karin Smits, Marcella Pinckers, Traders Pop Maastricht, Gemeente Maastricht & Toneelacademie Maastricht.