Hortus Nubium

A Garden of Collaboration


SCARFACE is the second work in an expending series, created in collaboration between Finn Borath & Laila Claessen. A positive side effect of being locked up together in a tiny student dorm.

SCARFACE is a screensaver created for your computer! Here you can watch a preview. The full version is available in our donation based shop. Visit the shop to order your copy.
May 2020, an eye opener, on so many levels…This forced stay in has made us think a lot about the world behind our window frames. The scarce amount of time we where aloud to spend outside of our tiny dorm, became one of our most precious possessions. Time we’vespend in nature, you know, connecting right? Walking hand in hand (not knowing these would be the only hands we would be touching for a long, long time) we wondered through the forest, admiring it in all its blooming springtime beauty, when suddenly we realized we where not the only ones watching. One of those days, we had a real special encounter. This rendezvous inspired us to create the work ‘SCARFACE’.

We bet you experienced the same clichéd desire for green fields, flowers and forests, and have been (re)connecting with ‘the mother’ just like we did those days, but did you ever try to make some serious deep eye contact?

Did you know some trees are shade-intolerant. As these trees grow taller, they are in a constant race upwards for the sun with their close neighbours in the grove. Their lower branches eventually become shaded. The tree then cuts off the flow of sap to these lower branches, causing them to atrophy and fall off, leaving a dark eye where each self-pruned branch used to be. This allows the trees to only expend their limited energy on the more productive, sunlit upper branches.